HT3 Automated Headspace

Dinamikus és Statikus Headspace technikák kombinációja


  •  Elektromos nyomás és áramlásszabályozás
  • 3000C ig melegíthető tányérok
  • 60 vial hely
  • Loop mérete 100µl-5ml között variálható





Sample Mixing

Optimix system allows variable power settings from 1 to 10


Electronic status panel on the front of the unit

Trap Furnace

Controlled temperature range up to 3000C

Trap size

12 in (30.5cm)*1/8 in (0.32 cm) O.D.

Sample Pathway

Siltek Tubing.Entire sample pathway temperature controlled up to 3000C


21 CFR Tools Available

GC interface

Interface to virtually commercially available GC instruments.Supplies or accepts GC and Data System start/ready signals via software selectable GC I/O configuration


24 VDC motor actuated 8-port valve with removable rotor. Temperature controlled from ambient to 3000C

VOC Teklink TM Control of Gas Flow and Pressure

Gas Flow controlled via Electronic Mass Flow Controller capable of flow rates from 5 to 500 ml/min ± 2 % of full scale

Voltage Requirements

100/115 VAC±5%,50/60 Hz 10amps

220/240 VAC±5%,50/60 Hz 5 amps


Gas Requirements

99.999% Helium or Nitrogen at 65-100 psi

Unit Dimensions

25 5/8 in (54.9 cm)H*19in(48.3cm)W*25in(63.5 cm)D


86lbs(39 kg)

Environmental Conditions

This system is capable of operating in laboratory temperatures between 10 0C and 300C and humidity range from 10 and 90%

Corrosion Reistance

Front cover resistant to aqueous samples with PH range of 1-10


HT3 Katalógus