Power of Gas Chromatography–Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy


VUV detector is the latest technology of universal detection for gas chromatography.

It is designed to identify and quantitate most gaseous molecules in VUV region.

The strong absorption of gas phase molecules in the VUV provides excellent sensitivity,

and the compound-specific absorption spectra provides unparalleled selectivity.


GC-VUV is verified for specific application such as PIONA (paraffin, isoparaffin, olefin,

naphthene, aromatic hydrocarbons), DHA (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis) and

certain standard methods (ASTM D8071,ASTM D8267, ASTM D8368, etc) 


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In laboratories, using a nitrogen generator can give you several advantages;

safety, convenience, cost-effectiveness and data reliability of analytical instruments.



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Other than these, we guarantee the water quality specified for the application,

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